Meet the Opal C1

The first professional webcam

Meet the Opal C1

The first professional webcam



DSLR quality on a webcam
for the first time.

The fastest lens ever on a webcam.
Making it better at capturing incredible low-light video. An ƒ1.8, six-element, glass lens brings in 2.4x more light than any other webcam. So even in a dimly lit room, you’ll get a level of detail and color that wasn’t possible before.
A Mirrorless Miracle.
With a 7.8mm, 4K Sony sensor, the Opal C1 gives you the brightest brights, darker blacks, and more than 5x the resolution of a regular webcam to help you look your best.
The most advanced materials.
An understated anodized finish with precisely-machined aluminum specifically designed for Opal. It’s the best a webcam’s ever looked. And it’s recyclable.
Image Quality

Image quality you've never seen
in a webcam before.

Macbook WebcamFree
Opal C1$300
Sony A7$2050


Get ready for your audio close-up,
with MicMesh™

The Opal C1 comes with MicMesh™, an array of beamforming microphones that find and focus on the sound of your voice. And with intelligent noise cancellation, every ding, drop and dog bark is filtered out to get an audio experience that clearly speaks for itself.


The brains of a computer,
in the body of a webcam.

We gave the Opal C1 the fastest neural processing chip ever on a webcam. At 4 trillion operations per second, it rips through ML models at blazing speeds to enable experiences that simply aren’t possible anywhere else.
The Opal microchipOur embedded system unlocks never-before possible computational photography on a webcam.
Access from the Opal AppAccess all the power of hardware on the Opal app, made exclusively for Mac.
Powered by IntelIntel’s new 14 nanometer VPU chip makes everything from editing to auto-focus silky smooth and enables an exciting array of effects.
All in lovely 4k videoLook more cinematic than ever in 4k with the same Sony sensor technology used by the best smartphones.

Plug & play, right on your Mac.

Access the power of Opal Computer Vision within the Opal app. The app allows you fine-grain tuning of your image and access to Machine Learning powered features that help you look your best.
BokehUsing true depth segmentation, blur your background with precision for a cinematic depth of field effect.
Touch upA facial-recognition frequency filter to gently soften pesky pixels and let you look your best, anytime.
Pro FeaturesEnhance your image in any environment with computational photography-powered tools like brightness, contrast and white balance.

Available in any color,
as long as it's white or black.

Technical Specifications

Height1.49 inWidth3.07 inDepth0.94 in
99 g / 0.44 lb
01Camera w/ Mount
Height1.97 inWidth3.07 inDepth1.81 in
199g / 0.44 lb
02Box Contents
Opal C1 Camera Camera Mount USB-C Cable Lens Cover
Diagonal length7.86 MMPixel size1.55µ
Size1:2.3 inResolution4k, 1080Megapixels4056 X 3040 FPS60FPS
04Main Lens
DFOV78ºEFL4.81 mmApertureƒ1.8Focal range10 cm --> ∞
Tolerance±0.1 mmFormPlano-Concave
TypeUSB C to CBandwidth5 gb/s transmissionConnectorGold-core Brass Plated
Length4 ftThickness4.7 mm
TypeMEMSQuantity3DirectivityOmnidirectionalRange100 → 10,000 hzSignal to noise59 dba
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